North Carolina Moms Share Their Stories

Happy 2016 World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month!


Kelsey from Jacksonville:

 “With my first born, I was always a bit uncomfortable breastfeeding in public. I was the one who fed him in toilet stalls wherever I went. When I found out I was expecting my second, I joined many natural mama groups and this breastfeeding group [NCBC facebook group]. I guess after seeing so many women normalize breastfeeding I found the courage to not be so embarrassed of it. When my second child was three days old, I went to Target and fed her while strolling the isles and felt wonderful! One of the employees even greeted me and asked if I needed anything! After that experience ,I haven’t thought twice about who sees me feed my little one. I’m so thankful to all these ladies who push to normalize breastfeeding. Hopefully I’ll ensure someone else to be more comfortable with it some day.”

 Her favorite part about breastfeeding is “nourishing my baby the best way I know how”.


Nina from Bethel:

 “I was 20 years old when I had my first little boy and breastfeeding came easy from the start. My son did wonderful and latched on perfectly. I was in college and mostly took online classes, so for a year he was practically with me all the time and just got on whenever he wanted. He self weaned at a year and I was devastated.

 My second little boy is now 11 months and this has not been an easy breastfeeding journey. I was only able to stay home with him for 6 months and then returned back to my full time job. I had difficulty pumping enough at work and struggled with my milk supply. Most days I would just pray that I would make it another day with breastfeeding. My goal has always been one year and I am now exactly one month away from that goal. Even though it seems so close it truly feels like ages to me. My milk supply is quickly dwindling and some days it is barely enough, but I just think about today and keep my head up high.

 I have to say my son is my biggest motivation to continue, but without my mom, my lactation specialist, and my wonderful breastfeeding support group I would have gave up months ago. I encourage anyone that is breastfeeding to reach out for help and support, because at the end of the day you wont ever get these moments back!

 My absolute favorite part about breastfeeding is the special bond my son and I have. It is like no other and it the greatest feeling of all.”


Kathryn from Raleigh:

” I always knew I wanted to breastfeed, just because in my mind it makes logical sense, if your body produced food for your baby why not give it to them? Before I gave birth to my son my friend and I met with a lactation consultant to just get the 101 on breastfeeding. It seemed simple to me – get a deep latch, drink lots of water and make sure you feed him enough so you produce enough milk.

 After I delivered my son I quickly found out that it wasn’t that simple. I really struggled, every nurse/lactation consultant told me to do things a little different and I felt like a failure when it had been two days since delivery and he still hadn’t latched and we had to give him formula. I had a c-section so thankfully I was in the hospital a little longer to keep practicing with help around me.

 He finally latched on day three and I went home thinking that I knew a little of what I was doing…well then the pain came. My few friends that had babies said it’s totally normal to have pain for the first few weeks and to just get through it. I almost gave up! It hurt like crazy, my nipples were cracked, bleeding and I dreaded every feeding. After two week I called a lactation consultant begging for help. I told her I was doing everything right that they told me to do in the hospital. She looked at my nipples and said “Well something isn’t right, I don’t know how you have lasted this long.” As weird as that sounds, I was so relieved! To me that meant that this wasn’t normal and that hopefully we could fix something to change my pain.

 After showing her how he latched we found out that he wasn’t going deep enough and that he was twisting his tongue. She gave me several tips and told me to practice for a few days. After a few days breastfeeding wasn’t a dread!! My nipples were healing and it wasn’t as painful to feed. I am so thankful that I found a consultant that helped! I thought I was getting to latch deep but obviously I wasn’t. Now my boy is almost four months old and breastfeeding is still going great!

 Favorite part about breastfeeding: I love his it forces me to slow down from my busy day and just enjoy time with my son.”


 Amanda from Greenville: 

“My mother is an IBCLC so I have been exposed to breastfeeding for all my life, and I knew it was something I wanted to do. I did not have the birth I wanted and because of this I was not confident in my mothering abilities.  I felt like I had failed my baby, and I had a hard time trusting my instincts and my body. I know because I had a c – section that my breastfeeding journey got off to a rough start. Luckily I had so much support around me that whenever I felt upset or frustrated someone was there to help! Now that I feel much more comfortable with motherhood, I am so glad that I stuck with breastfeeding! I wouldn’t trade the feeling I get when my baby is nourished by me for anything in the world.

 Favorite part of breastfeeding: The connection I have with my baby!”


Jocelyn from Matthews: 

“I grew up in LLL, so I knew breastfeeding wasn’t a choice. It was what I was meant to do. I didn’t expect to have problems. I could answer questions, knew the “right” things to do, but it was hard!! My daughter sucked her tongue back and her lips in. She injured my nipples almost immediately. It took 4 weeks for us to nurse with no pain. My mom couldn’t help me. We butted heads learning to drive, so learning to nurse was no different. She sent one of her friends to visit me and she helped me latch in a couple of different positions. Eventually my nipples healed. I went back to work when she was 12 weeks old. Pumping was no picnic, but she stayed with a LLL Leader. I knew my milk was protected and treated well. I stopped working when she was 10 months old, and we were together and breastfeeding into toddlerhood. She weaned a month before her fifth birthday and misses it a year later. We both have find memories of our nursing relationship.

 Favorite part of breastfeeding: How it could fix any boo boos or sadness of my little girl.”


 Thank you, ladies, for sharing your stories!



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